Customizable Services

Screening Options

We work with you to design a customized plan that’s right for your employees and could include the following:

Onsite Event

Host a screening event at your workplace, available in all 50 states.

Offsite Lab

Convenience to select from one of our 2,200+ patient service center locations across the country.

Physician Screenings

Participants can obtain a biometric health screening from their primary care provider.

At Home Kit

Provides employees with an easy-to-use kit that they can use at their convenience.

At Home Concierge Screening

Participants can complete a screening from the convenience of their own residence.

Happy couple at home reviewing their biometric screening results online.

Project Management Team

The screening event team will lead you through the implementation process from start to finish, acting as a single point of contact and tailoring each event to the unique needs of your population.

Bilingual English/Spanish Support

Our bilingual capabilities include Spanish speaking participant support, scheduling, and reports.

Vendor Integration

Whether you manage 20 employees or millions, our proprietary software system provides seamless information sharing with your existing benefits strategy or wellness platform.

  • Single sign-on connection
  • Secure data transfer
  • Automated data export
  • Co-branding or white labeling

Convenient Scheduling Modalities

An intuitive mobile optimized online scheduling system is included as part of our standard service along with telephonic and human resource back-end scheduling capabilities. Customized marketing deliverables and automated marketing campaigns are provided to maximize registration levels.

Healthcare professional reviews biometric results as part of the Outcomes Management Program.

Outcomes Management

We offer a powerful, straightforward outcomes management system so
your employees can stay ahead of preventable conditions and you can manage ever-rising healthcare costs. We’ve developed several turnkey programs that are easy to administer and track, as well as the ability to customize for your population.

  • Medical exclusion form processing
  • Customizable incentive calculation model
  • Participant outcome notification
  • Reasonable alternative program
  • Appeals administration
  • Pass/fail client report

Make the most of your benefits strategy.