Health Screening Insights

5 Easy Steps to Increase Your Biometric Health Screening Participation

Both at an individual and business level, we know that it is hard to change outcomes without knowing our current baselines. That is why biometric health screening programs have gained popularity and remain a cornerstone of successful wellness programs. These programs provide a proven means of identifying and reducing health risks, improving health outcomes…

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10 Reasons Why Americans Don’t Prioritize Preventative Care

A topic of conversation that our clients continue to discuss is the lack of physician and community practice engagement with their workforce. As healthcare costs continue their upward spiral, companies are searching for ways to flatten this trajectory and improve the health of their employees. Studies suggest that a strong primary care provider relationship on an annualized basis can have a profound impact on both health outcomes and ROI. We see…

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Helping Employees Transform their Health with Biometric Screenings

When it comes to understanding employee risk and population health, employers are often at a disadvantage when it comes to planning for future healthcare costs. No one likes surprises that impact the bottom line. Claims data is a lagging indicator; we need tools that help us see over the horizon. In the absence of a crystal ball to foresee the next medical emergency, what steps can employers take to improve employee overall health? To establish a baseline for the…

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