How to Select a Physician Screening Form Vendor

When it comes to biometric screenings, onsite events yield the highest participation rates, but physician screening forms require little planning on your part, are cost effective, and your employees have the flexibility to complete their health screenings when it is convenient for them. What’s even better is that physician screening forms drive your employees to visit and develop a relationship with a primary care physician.


When planning a biometric health screening initiative, you want to select a pathway that achieves your objectives. The objectives may include increasing engagement, providing convenient screening options, reducing program costs, or a combination of all three. Today we’re going to talk about how the physician screening form pathway can meet your organization’s objectives.


What is a physician screening form?

A physician screening form is a single page form that an employee takes to their primary care physician to complete their company-offered biometric health screening. The form is designed to collect information about the employee’s health, such as their weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. Having this aggregate data helps employers determine the overall health of their employees and identify any potential risks. Physician screening forms are perfect for all types of corporations but are especially great for those who have a remote workforce.


What factors should you keep in mind when selecting a physician screening vendor partner?

Ideally, the program should be easy to set up, require no minimum participation, and have flexibility as to how hands-on or hands-off you want it to be. As it’s your program, you should be able to customize it however you like. Below are a few examples of features you might look for when weighing vendor partners.


Marketing and Communications Strategy

  • To keep your employees engaged with the program, having access to a wide range of marketing material is important. Employees will not participate in a program unless they are aware of what it is, how it works and how it benefits them.
  • The ability to send out auto-email campaigns is another important aspect you should look for. Auto-email campaigns provide a hands-off approach to the program, sending reminders to your population about the program and granting you more time to focus on other aspects of your wellness program.

Participant Results Portal

  • Doctors don’t always provide educational material to their patients after a visit, so you want to make sure that your employees have access to risk stratification reports, year over year trends, educational videos, and tips and tricks to maintain or improve their results.

Aggregate Company Reporting

  • Having access to real-time corporate reporting can be useful in improving program participation and identifying trends.
  • Corporate aggregate and cohort reporting can be useful in planning the program for the following year, implementing or improving your corporate wellness initiatives, and understanding the health of your overall population.

Data Export to Third-Party Providers

  • It’s important to have the ability to export data to any third-party providers that you might be working with. Even if exporting data isn’t currently applicable to you, the need may arise in the future, and you want to be prepared for that.

Intuitive User Experience

  • Program enrollment should be simple and smartphone friendly. A smartphone compatible registration portal is convenient and saves employees a lot of time when they can register for their screening right from their phone.
  • The portal clearly communicates what a biometric screening is, why it is being offered, details about how to register, and date for completion.

Have we convinced you yet how simple physician screening programs are? At eHealthScreenings we support a variety of screening options, from onsite events run completely by our wellness technicians to physician screening forms that utilize community providers. If you are looking for a hands-off approach when it comes to biometric health screenings and think a physician screening form program could be the right fit for you, contact us today. We’d love to help you explore your options and create a customized program to fit you and your employees.